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VOLTA- 10 years in Russia!

VOLTA- 10 years in Russia!

2017 is Anniversary year – the goods under trademark VOLTA is appeared on Russian market 10 years ago.

VOLTA has started from not difficult equipment for music clubs, in course of time VOTA brought to market a large range of professional products, designed for the most demanding users.
Today VOLTA offers a complete list of equipment needed in the process of creating sound kits - Microphones and radio systems, analog and digital mixing consoles, control processors, equalizers, crossovers, amplifiers, a wide range of different speakers, headphones and various accessories.

It was decided to division of the lineup of VOLTA goods range in 2015, has appeared ECO (ECO by VOLTA), under this trade mark is available Audio entry level equipment’s, without any special skills requirements for users. At the same time, a number of highly professional products, such as LA-systems and digital multicore, now produced under the brand VOLTA PRO.

All VOLTA products have a common principle of creation:
• in value of the goods includes only popular customer features, without artificially imposed options;
• product quality indicators have adopted in the field of modern electronic production equipment;
• warranty and post warranty obligations are an integral part of the sales program.

The VOLTA experts see one of the primary tasks for themselves in close cooperation with the Russian users of audio equipment, both professionals and those who are just starting their way in the "sound space".
Thereby to this collaboration formed lineup of VOLTA goods range, adjusted custom characteristics of products, changing technological solutions. We can say that today the creators of commodity offer are not only engineers and marketers the VOLTA but the site visitors too.


Welcome to the world VOLTA!

To offering cooperation please send the message to:
Mr. Oleg Trusov



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